SafetyPAD is a comprehensive, flexible, easy-to-use electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) software system that allows agencies to collect, utilize and share incident and patient EMS data.  SafetyPAD allows first responders and paramedics to accurately generate pre-hospital patient care documentation in the field in real-time.  It provides EMS agencies with everything they need to insure documentation compliance , increase EMS billing revenue, and enhance the operation of the entire EMS enterprise via two mature and interconnected platforms: SafetyPAD Mobile (for in-field data collection) and SafetyPAD Enterprise (a web-based EMS information management system).

SafetyPAD for Android

We took our 20 years of experience in the ePCR information business and put it in our brand new application for Android mobile platforms. The full-featured EMS data collection system provides an intuitive – yet fully configurable – user interface that leverages a web-based portal on hosted cloud to cut hardware costs in half.

SafetyPAD for Android is your ALS, BLS and First Responder total software solution for on-scene and transport patient care. Quickly and easily document your patient interaction and generate more thorough, error free reports, all while reducing hospital turnaround time so you can focus more on the patient and less on the paperwork.

Sumter County Saves 3k Staff Hours Annually

Find out how the Sumter County (FL) Fire and Emergency Services (SCFES) streamlined their patient reporting process as a way to save resources with electronic patient care reporting ePCR.

Miami Fire & Rescue Implemented Interactive Protocols

Read more about Interactive Protocols and how Miami Fire & Rescue dramatically changed their documented protocol compliance.

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