What Drives Us

We believe in the power of data to improve community health and safety. That’s not just some lofty corporate vision statement — it’s something we live, breathe and see the results of every day. We approach our work as if the lives of our own families and friends depended on the results. Because a lot of the time … they do.

How We Work

We believe in taking great care of our customers. We believe work ought to be both challenging and fun. (Otherwise what’s the point?) We believe it’s worthwhile to continually push for something better, to pursue excellence for the sake of excellence, and to hold each other to the same standard. Little wonder that we’ve repeatedly been named as a great place to work.


If you like making a difference, you’ll love working here.

How would you like to work at an incredibly cool company where every day, you get the chance to do something that really matters?

At ESO, we make software that helps more than 13,000 emergency medical services, fire departments, and hospitals respond to emergencies and make their communities safer and healthier. The work we do literally helps save lives.

Our fast-growing team is made up of technologists, medical and fire experts, data gurus, photographers, foodies, dog lovers, cyclists, aspiring guitarists, and more – all united by our passion for what we do. We embrace a culture of openness and collaboration, where people lead with ideas, not job titles.

If you’re the kind of person who believes in applying your talents to make the world a better place, we’d be honored to hear from you.

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