We took our 20 years of experience in the ePCR information business and put it in our brand new SafetyPAD application for Android™ mobile platforms. This is a full-featured EMS data collection system providing an intuitive – yet fully configurable – user interface that leverages a web-based portal on a hosted cloud.

SafetyPAD for Android™ is your ALS, BLS and First Responder total solution for on-scene and transport patient care. Quickly and easily document your patient interaction and generate more thorough, error free reports, all while reducing hospital turnaround time so you can focus more on the patient and less on the paperwork.

SafetyPAD for Android™ utilizes a simple user interface design, using a left navigation panel to allow providers to quickly document the patient interaction…in real time.  SafetyPAD for Android™ is also the ONLY FULLY CONFIGURABLE  Android™ application that is also built on a NEMSIS 3 data structure, allowing advanced reporting and analysis to occur where and when you need it. Customizable template layouts, using the SafetyPAD ‘Enterprise user interface, allow services to emulate existing paper forms and streamline data entry for reduced training requirements. Allow providers to focus on the patient and not the paperwork.

Android Mobile Features

  • Android 4.2.2 or newer, optimized for 10.1″ devices.

  • Requires No IT experience to customize or maintain.  Customize and setup data collection and documentation preferences based on your protocols, treatments and needs.

  • By selecting the right hardware, SafetyPAD for Android™ gives your agency the ability to cut hardware costs up to half.  You can select an off-the-shelf non-rugged platform or a fully-rugged military spec device…or both to meet the needs of your agency.

  • SafetyPAD has been designing mobile tablet devices since our inception and our Android™ solution was built to work in today’s ever changing mobile environment.  The system utilizes common entry methods and designs of your everyday smart phone and tablet technologies.

  • SafetyPAD for Android™ stays up to date with the latest FDA approved medications through automated database updates.  We designed a direct API integration to the FDA and SafetyPAD regularly pushes updates so the crews can avoid errors picking directly from approved lists.

  • SafetyPAD for Android™ does not rely on an active internet connection so providers can document patient interaction regardless of active 3G/4G. SafetyPAD Android automatically saves calls and will hold in queue until a connection is made.

  • When 3G/4G is available, SafetyPAD for Android™ sends data in near real time which allow for automated alerts regarding patient care.

  • Extremely low cost per record ASP model.

  • Mobile design and development built in-house, in native Android™ language using no 3rd party frameworks.

  • An ePCR platform that was designed to require little training to get started.

Web-Based Back-End Features

  • Client Access Website – web application server that manages authorized access to a departments PCR database.

  • Client Database – hosted MS/SQL database that logs and stores all run data and provides HIPPAA compliant storage of all EMS documentation.

  • SafetyPAD for Android™ is fully client configurable via simple to use web-based interfaces. No competitor will enable you to control rule management and customization that we offer in our SafetyPAD for Android™ platform today.

  • SafetyPAD provides detailed analytics in which access is in near real time even to a report in progress. SafetyPAD Enterprise is your web-based tool to access PCR’s, CAD interfacing, Reports, Automated Alerting, Mobile Customization and more.

  • SafetyPAD for Android™ provides a real-time to-do list during the call.  No need to wait until the end of the run to see if you have satisfied the minimum requirements, we let you know in real time, click by click.  All of the closing rules and more are completely controlled by the agency via easy to use web interfaces.


  • You decide on the number of Tablet devices your department needs.

  • We help you customize your menus and input screens per your department needs.

  • We create your secure website to access your PCRs (store, manage amendments, NEMSIS submittals, etc.).

  • We customize and setup your database (all your destination hospitals, etc.) and authorize your access to our download area.

  • You download and install the SafetyPAD Android Program to each of your Tablet devices via our secure MDM, mobile device management solution.

  • You register each device using a Registration code we supply.

  • We finalize the installation and download all final configurations to each device.

  • Complete! You’re ready to run Calls!

Implementation Complete!   You’re ready to run Calls!

Trust the leader in ePCR solutions to deliver a robust and cost-effective platform on today’s technology operation systems. With SafetyPAD for Android™, your time to focus less on paperwork and even more on patients is now! Contact us to schedule your demo today!

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