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Best of 2017

posted on Dec 22, 2017 in Blog Post

 Looking forward to 2018? Make sure you don’t miss out on the best and most useful information of 2017. Start the new year right with our 4 must-see resources from the past year. No countdown required. 

Check ‘em out below. 

 7 Secrets of Smart ePCR Buyers 


Documentation has become increasingly important for EMS organizations, from small volunteer systems in rural areas to major metropolitan services running hundreds of thousands of calls per year. What’s more, the sophistication of care provided to patients by EMS has increased dramatically. Against that backdrop, chiefs and leaders at virtually all agencies are increasingly expected to understand the data collected via their documentation systems.  

With all of that in mind, finding the right ePCR for your EMS organization is more than a matter of choosing the lowest-priced software that gets the job done. This guide will help you take charge of the process and select a system that not only meets your needs today, but serves as an essential tool for years to come.  

NEMSIS 3 Transition Toolkit 


Upgrading your ePCR software to NEMSIS 3 to comply your state’s new reporting standards may sound daunting – not to mention asking members of your workforce to change the way they do documentation. But with the right preparation, any EMS organization or fire department can make the upgrade. This immensely popular toolkit contains step-by-step checklists; FAQ handouts for leadership and field personnel; technical tips; and other materials for a smooth transition to the new standard. 


Improving Care Through Hospital-EMS Data Exchange 


Two-way data exchange between EMS and hospitals is being used successfully in a growing number of systems nationwide. Hospitals get access to EMS information directly in the patient’s chart, for improved care, time savings, QI, and documentation for Core Measures, among other benefits. EMS gets never-before-available access to diagnoses, patient outcomes, billing data, and other information. Download this whitepaper to discover how it all works – and how both your EMS organization and your hospital can benefit. 

5 EMS Billing Metrics That Matter 


Whether you’re a public or private EMS agency, an ambulance transport provider or a third-party billing company, using metrics is the foundation to a healthy billing operation. But with all those numbers, which ones matter most? Our experts have whittled it down to the five most important indicators of your billing success. Learn not only what you should be measuring, but what success looks like.  


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