Case Studies

Sumter County Saves 3k Staff Hours Annually

posted on Jan 23, 2018

Find out how the Sumter County (FL) Fire and Emergency Services (SCFES) streamlined their patient reporting process as a way to save resources with electronic patient care reporting ePCR.

Spokane Fire Department Provides Rapid Response with ePCR

posted on Jan 23, 2018

In our constant effort to improve patient care services and public safety, the Spokane Fire Department launched an electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) system. Replacing a traditional paper report, the ePCR system allows the department to provide rapid, appropriate and timely response based on current conditions in the field. This integration lessens the administrative overhead […]

Cincinnati Fire Department Boost Collections by 40%

posted on Jan 23, 2018

The tough book ePCR platform included in the McKesson contract—SafetyPAD, which is manufactured by Minneapolis-based Open Inc.—represents a best-of-breed application capable of recording essential encounter and demographic information to populate the billing system. Significantly, McKesson is the only billing company with access to the SafetyPAD database server. This access allows for tighter integration of the […]

Hennepin County, MN Uses SafetyPAD Mobile for Real-Time Reporting

posted on Jan 23, 2018

When an ambulance is dispatched, the onboard tablet computer captures initial information from the 911 call. At the scene, paramedics use it to record patient data including symptoms and vital signs like heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. The system also uses a database to provide on-scene EMS personnel with additional guidance in documentation requirements […]

SafetyPAD Agent Assists in H1N1 Crisis

posted on Jan 23, 2018

SafetyPAD staff took the lead on establishing an H1N1 review group amongst agency medical directors and other key staff from sites such as DCFEMS, Miami, Boston, Minneapolis, etc.  Within a day of the committee’s criteria definitions to monitor H1N1 trends, all sites utilizing the SafetyPAD Agent system had an array of H1N1-sensitive alerts continuously monitoring […]

Miami Fire & Rescue Implements Interactive Protocols

posted on Jan 23, 2018

Read more about Interactive Protocols and how Miami Fire & Rescue dramatically changed their documented protocol compliance.

Miami Fire Rescue Implements Custom CAD Interface

posted on Jan 23, 2018

Miami Fire-Rescue provides a ‘feed’ of incident and associated unit event updates into a structured database within seconds of the events occurring.  The SafetyPAD CAD interpreter service continuously monitors this database for any updates to incidents.  Any new dispatch details for relevant units is processed and sent to any applicable apparatus via the SafetyPAD message […]

D.C. Fire and EMS Identifies Frequent Users with Custom Clinical Alerting

posted on Jan 23, 2018

SafetyPAD provided D.C. Fire & EMS a tool that provide near real-time notification for its ‘Street Calls Program’.  Through SafetyPAD’s Agent clinical alerting, the department was able to not only quickly identify who the top frequent users of 911 emergency transports but provided a platform for alerting via email and text messaging to program administrators. […]

Cincinnati Fire Department Uses Application Programming Interface (API)

posted on Jan 23, 2018

Application Programming Interface: Data feed to EPA and Cincinnati Waterworks Automated interface to provide data to Cincinnati city agencies SafetyPAD team provides an automated data feed via a custom developed Application Programming Interface. The original automated surveillance system was implemented for Cincinnati’s drinking water contamination warning system to monitor health-related 911 calls in the city […]

Columbus Fire Department Reconciles Incidents for Greater Accuracy

posted on Jan 22, 2018

The Columbus Fire Department team along with on-site personnel from Med3000 (billing vendor) use the SafetyPAD CAD Reconciler daily.  This web-based tool ensures that each report is captured and sent and operationally accurate. The SafetyPAD Reconciliation tool is utilized to reconcile incidents received from CAD with the PCR’s received from the SafetyPAD mobiles. This ensures […]

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