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Columbus Fire Department Reconciles Incidents for Greater Accuracy

The Columbus Fire Department team along with on-site personnel from Med3000 (billing vendor) use the SafetyPAD CAD Reconciler daily.  This web-based tool ensures that each report is captured and sent and operationally accurate. The SafetyPAD Reconciliation tool is utilized to reconcile incidents received from CAD with the PCR’s received from the SafetyPAD mobiles. This ensures that every unit dispatched to an incident has a corresponding PCR in the SafetyPAD Database.  This tool has provided the agency with near real-time data on which reports remain to be completed and closed/sent.  The CAD Reconciler provides flexibility to filter incident types, units, etc.  “It only takes 4-5 transports not submitted to quickly add up to lost revenue for the agency” noted Scott Streicher, Director of Operations for SafetyPAD.  Prior to implementing SafetyPAD CAD Reconciler, there was a daily struggle involving reporting from multiple systems to identify which runs had not yet been submitted” said Aaron Reedy EMS IT Manager for MED3000. MED3000 took over the billing contract several years ago. With the teamwork between OPEN staff and MED3000, Columbus has seen significantly higher revenues since the transition to M3K and SafetyPAD.

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