SafetyPAD Enterprise is a fully NEMSIS complaint Cloud Hosted EMS information management system that’s accessible from any web browser on any web connected device.  It is comprised of a high-performance relational database and a secure, web-based administrative console. SafetyPAD Enterprise is used by authorized personnel who need to collect, configure, analyze, and administer EMS data collected from your SafetyPAD ePCR’s and provides a host of powerful process-oriented tools that supports fundamental agency needs, including:

  • PCR Search and Management
  • CaseFlow Quality Assurance
  • Custom Rules and Elements
  • Powerful built in Reporting
  • Automatic CAD to PCR reconciliation
  • User Role & Permission Management
  • Flexible Global Configuration
  • Case Analysis and Response Automation
  • Scheduled and Automated State Reporting
  • Web API Services for integrating your data

Custom Rules & Elements

collect the data you want, with custom rules to ensure it

SafetyPAD Enterprise provides near limitless customization of the SafetyPAD Mobile application, and the ability to deploy changes seamlessly and wirelessly with the click of a button.  We’ve built upon the existing NEMSIS element set by allowing for completely custom elements of your choosing, and the Enterprise Rules module provides a simple IF/THEN logic interface for creating rules that help drive proper documentation and protocols. Custom sorting and the ability to dynamically show or hide menus and options on the tablet, means users are only presented with relevant and logic driven options in a simple and fluid interface.

PCR Manager

fast, accurate, and verifiable

The Enterprise PCR Manager provides authorized users a powerful and granular toolbox to search for records within the system. Results can be exported to Excel documents for auditing or analysis, and in Enterprise 5 we’ve added the ability for administrators to view open/active documentation in near real-time. Global Searches can be created and assigned to others for added simplicity, and the HIPAA Exposures module provides complete transparency of who is viewing closed records, what fields specifically they’re viewing, and a timeline of each occurrence. PCR viewability is fully configurable depending on the roles you chose to define. Providing Enterprise access to your individual receiving facilities allows them to view only their transports, and there’s even a Transport Monitor screen where they can view their inbound transports in near real-time.

Enterprise Automation

schedule, trigger, monitor and respond

The Enterprise Automation module is a powerful task scheduler that periodically scans for PCRs that match selected search criteria and then responds by performing one or more automated tasks utilizing the matched PCRs. Many other SafetyPAD Enterprise modules can be leveraged by Automation including: CaseFlow, AutoFax, State Reporting, Billing, Email Alerts and more. Our faxing solution enables tablets in the field to wirelessly fax records both on demand and automatically, and logging gives you complete transparency of all records faxed through the system, with the ability to re-send individual records on-demand if desired. All Enterprise activity is tracked for transparency and can be monitored in real-time via the Enterprise Automation Monitor.


fast, accurate, and verifiable

Enterprise Reporting provides a customer-configurable web-based analysis and ad hoc reporting tool, allowing authorized staff to use and modify complex reports and even allow scheduled report generation and distribution via email. This autonomy allows agency personnel, without training in SQL queries or Crystal reporting, to create and manage complex statistical, clinical, demographic, performance, billing, and operational reports.

CaseFlow QA/QI

simple, streamlined and seamless

Ensuring that calls follow protocols and are completed according to policy and procedure, is a time-consuming process. Enterprise CaseFlow simplifies and automates the QA process wherever possible, while improving ease of use and accuracy. The SafetyPAD Rules Engine starts by enforcing agency defined policy at the point of entry, on the devices in the field. This alone can vastly reduce the number of issues and errors while improving the quality of data. The SafetyPAD Automation module can be used to “Auto-QA” any record that meets your configurable search criteria. Additionally, random cases can be assigned to random QA personnel or even a round-robin list of assignees. Tasks and assignments can be issued via email and viewed in a simple to follow interface and work flow, and performance can be measured using the CaseFlow Analytics module. Lastly, the entire process can be done discreetly with redacted names and ID’s.

User Management

define users, roles and groups

One area that is crucial to the success of any ePCR system is providing the right tools to the right people. Our comprehensive User Management module provides a simple interface that allows your own agency administrators to control access to both the Enterprise and Mobile platforms. Users can be assigned to and managed by defined roles that can control access to not just records within the system, but also down to the individual elements within a record. This provides end users access to their reports, but also gives you the power to redact individual fields at your discretion.

State & Billing Data

accurate, reliable and effortless

Built upon the NEMSIS standard, SafetyPAD Enterprise can effortlessly schedule automated tasks to submit your State and Billing data for you. Since the extracts are widely accepted NEMSIS compliant XML files, the data can be effortlessly collected by most State and Billing departments with little to no effort beyond just setting up the initial scheduled task. For Billing vendor data submission, Enterprise can even provide XML embedded or standalone PDF files for redundancy.

API (Application Programming Interface)

your data, delivered on demand

The SafetyPAD API exposes a targeted subset of features of the SafetyPAD platform to developers and third-party interfaces. The SafetyPAD API accepts GET or POST requests to the primary API endpoint URL (URL provided to clients) and returns one or more results in XML format. In general, you will send requests via GET when retrieving information and via POST when adding, removing or updating information.

Cloud Data Hosting

worry free, industry leading and fully secure

The SafetyPAD Enterprise Cloud platform leverages the power, security and reliability of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest and most widely used Cloud infrastructure available in the world. Our AWS servers are fully HIPAA compliant and provide redundant and scalable environments that provide you with fast and reliable 24/7/365 access to your data.

Hospital Access to Data

records on demand, or complete HDE

Providing Hospitals with direct access to SafetyPAD Enterprise gives them a web-based portal to view and print transports to just their specific facility. The Enterprise Hospital Transport module provides a dashboard for receiving facilities to view a quick summary of inbound patients before they arrive. For a more complete exchange of raw patient data, SafetyPAD Enterprise is fully compatible with ESO’s revolutionary Health Data Exchange (HDE).

Addendum Transparency

providing and tracking access and updates

The Enterprise HIPAA Exposures module provides complete transparency of who is viewing your records, what fields specifically they’re exposed to, and a complete timeline of when each view occurred. Export tasks are also fully tracked so even billing data and printed documents are fully accounted for.

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