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Miami Fire & Rescue Implements Interactive Protocols

Miami, FL

Active and Interactive Protocols is a clinical data collection and referencing framework, allowing agencies to define and require questions, answers and reference materials for any clinical parameter without modifying the source code or user interface. A narrative is generated for each parameter. Essential an agency definable ‘protocol to-do list’.   Once Interactive Protocols was enacted at Miami Fire & Rescue, dramatic changes occurred in their documented protocol compliance, yet no additional training was required.

Chest Pain complaint/impression (a few samples below)…

Element Documented  Pre-Interactive Interactive
Treatment: Oxygen 77% 100%
Treatment: Aspirin 70% 100%
Treatment: 12-lead 78% 100%
Rhythm 84% 100%
Ischemic Changes 73% 100%
Stemi? 62% 100%
12-lead transmitted 6% 100%

OPEN/SafetyPAD believes that Interactive Protocols is the first technology in the ePCR industry to support comprehensive protocol compliance while generally eliminating “compliance reports” such as # of Chest Pain patients (not) receiving Nitro, Oxygen, 12–lead, or number of 12-leads (not) transmitted or Intubations that did not have ETCO2 captured – because ALL of these details, for example, are required while at patient side – or the user MUST specify why they were not provided.

QA/QI emphasis and efforts can then be directed at finer tuned details of certain documentation or protocol exceptions instead of targeting poorly documented ePCR’s, which will be dramatically reduced with Interactive Protocols.

Interactive Protocols empowers an agency with nearly limitless flexibility to drive the compliance and documentation of protocols and other clinical and operational details while still offering rapid documentation and reasonable flexibility for end-users.  It also has monumental, positive impacts on reducing liability exposure while expanding the ability to bill certain cases at a greater rate because of more comprehensive documentation.

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