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Miami Fire Rescue Implements Custom CAD Interface

Miami Fire-Rescue provides a ‘feed’ of incident and associated unit event updates into a structured database within seconds of the events occurring.  The SafetyPAD CAD interpreter service continuously monitors this database for any updates to incidents.  Any new dispatch details for relevant units is processed and sent to any applicable apparatus via the SafetyPAD message center.  This ‘push’ of dispatch data to mobile devices occurs within seconds of the event and is automatic. In addition, additional logic is available to automatically ‘create’ SafetyPAD ePCR records for certain responding units that may have normally been required to generate an incident record.  The SafetyPAD message center also archives all applicable CAD data so that it can be used to ensure one to one matching of any applicable unit dispatched to an incident with its SafetyPAD ePCR.

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