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ePCR Automates Process in Stoke Study

Boston, MA

SafetyPAD client, Boston EMS participates in the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Control Program (HSPC).  HSPC provides leadership across the state in the areas of: Heart Disease, Stroke and Related Risk Factors.

HSPC provides education and quality improvement; creates partnerships; and promotes evidence-based changes at the policy and environmental levels to reduce disparities, disease, disability, and death.

SafetyPAD ePCR custom extractor was developed to provide data to Boston EMS and Clinical Care Systems Inc. CCSI is a Healthcare Information Technology company focused on providing decision support tools at several points in the care delivery process and the management of the care delivery. Critical data that is captured by Boston EMS field providers is automatically pass to CCSI. CCSI analysis apply predictions based on mathematical models (predictive instruments) along with specialized presentation to simplify complex medical device data, disparate hospital & emergency medical service (EMS) patient data, and disparate operational data into “actionable knowledge” for both real-time clinical use and for monitoring and feedback for continuous improvement. In conjunction with SafetyPAD, it provides an automated process to extract all possible stroke patients from the over 120,000 patient care reports handled by the system annually and passes via secure methods to the CCSI group for analysis and follow-up.

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